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Sometimes your teeth don’t have room to grow in properly. When this happens they become impacted, meaning that they stay lodged in your jawbone. Impacted teeth pose a myriad of oral health risks, so it’s best to make an appointment at Vallejo Oral Surgery located in Vallejo, California as soon as possible. The dedicated team of surgeons can uncover and remove impacted teeth if necessary. For your convenience you can also schedule an appointment online.


Impacted teeth should never stay that way. The longer a tooth stays impacted the greater the risk of developing serious oral health complications. One of the major concerns of an impacted tooth is the pain and discomfort it causes. But impacted teeth can cause other concerns too, including:

  • Greater risk of infection
  • TMJ issues such as clicking sensations, pain, and difficulty opening your mouth
  • Developing an abscess
  • Risk of sepsis 
  • Tooth fusing to the jawbone

Fortunately, the team at Vallejo Oral Surgery can perform a tooth exposure procedure. During this procedure, your gums and bone are cut open at the site of your impacted tooth and it is either removed or prepared for an orthodontic procedure such as a grid & chain. 


Because your impacted tooth hasn’t emerged from the gums there is no way toTooth Exposure Procedure Vallejo, CA extract it the traditional way with dental tools like forceps. The only way to reach an impacted tooth is to expose it by performing a surgical exposure procedure. 

You might not even have to lose your impacted tooth. Today’s orthodontic technologies allow for certain appliances to gently move an impacted tooth into place. In cases like these, the exposure procedure gives your surgeon access to apply certain orthodontic devices.   


Everyone worries about pain at the dentist, but pain management technology has come a long way in recent years. The top of the line anesthetics and sedation therapies available keeps you pain-free and relaxed during your procedure. You won’t feel a thing and with sedation, your anxiety and nervousness will fall away completely. 

Don’t wait on an impacted tooth to get better. Schedule a consultation with the Vallejo Oral Surgery team by phone or book online as soon as possible.



What causes impacted teeth?

When a tooth remains embedded inside the soft gum tissue and doesn’t erupt at the time it should, then it is referred to as an impacted tooth. This can sometimes happen because of overcrowding, there just may not be enough space on your jawline for all your teeth to come out. This can greatly affect the emergence of other teeth and they can become twisted, tilted or displaced.

It is common to see the molars impacted, these are also known as the third set of molars. These teeth are the last to last to emerge and usually do so during your late teens or early 20’s. Usually by this time your other teeth have already taken up the space on your jaw, leaving insufficient room for them to emerge naturally.

Will I have to hide my smile after a teeth exposure procedure?

A tooth exposure procedure could sound to some like something from a horror movie. It may seem like a tooth and bone socket will be exposed for everyone to see, or that the orthodontic device will be highly visible bringing unwanted attention. However, this is not usually the case. 

Firstly, the surgical site will not be visible to others. If your tooth is extracted then the gum line will be sewn together so that no one will see the bone. After a few weeks it will have completely healed and no one will be able to notice that you even had oral surgery. 

Even if you use an orthodontic device such as a grid and chain to help draw out the tooth, the bracket will be under the gum line and only a small piece of the chain will be visible.

Don’t wait on an impacted tooth to get better. Schedule a consultation with the Vallejo Oral Surgery team by phone or book online as soon as possible.
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