Dental Implants

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Dental implants provide a stable base for a number of dental prosthetics including crowns and dentures. These artificial tooth roots are surgically placed into your jawbone during an in-office procedure. To see if you are a good candidate for dental implants, call the Vallejo Oral Surgery office located in Vallejo, California, today, or book an appointment online.


There are a number of reasons that you may choose to have dental implants over other prosthetic tooth options. Many of the advantages come because dental implants mimic natural teeth, so you can enjoy the same benefits that natural teeth bring. 

Firstly, your oral health will be protected. Normally, bone density in your jaw bone can greatly diminish when you are missing a tooth. The jaw bone needs constant stimulation from the tooth and its root to encourage the production and replacement of old bone cells. Other prosthetic options such as bridges and dentures don’t provide this simulation and your jaw bone can reduce in size and weaken. This can result in the spreading of existing teeth and they may even fall out. Dental implants however provide stimulation to the jaw bone helping to maintain good jaw bone strength.

Caring for your dental implants is simple too. You don’t have to learn any special cleaning routines or deal with sticky glues. Once fitted, you just need to brush your implants with a toothbrush and toothpaste and floss as normal. Even though you are not going to see your implants decay like normal teeth, regular cleaning is going to help prevent gum disease.

Dental implants are far more comfortable than using dentures. Unlike dentures, they won’t slip around and you can continue eating all the foods you ate when you had your natural teeth without fear of them falling out or breaking. You are also going to smile with confidence once again as dental implants look like the real thing.

If dental implants seem like the right tooth-replacement strategy for you, call the Vallejo Oral Surgery office or book an appointment online. 


It takes a few months to complete the whole dental implant process, but because of the added benefits implants provide, it’s well worth the wait. At your first appointment, your Vallejo Oral Surgery provider will take scans and X-rays and answer any questions you might have. 

Next, the dental implant is placed into your jawbone. Your surgeon will drill into your bone, and after the implant is placed, stitch your surgical site shut. It takes three to six months for your implant to fully fuse to your jawbone.

Once your implant has fully stabilized, you’ll come back to the office for your prosthetic – usually a crown or dentures – to be screwed into place. At this point, it becomes a permanent part of your smile and nobody will know you have a false tooth at all.   


During your procedure, you won’t feel a thing. Your Vallejo Oral Surgery provider uses local anesthesia to eliminate pain and sedation to help you feel relaxed if you choose. 

After your procedure, there might be a small amount of bleeding, so your surgeon will have you bite down on gauze until it stops. Once the anesthesia wears off, you might feel a bit uncomfortable for a day or two. Your surgeon can provide medication to help with the pain or suggest NSAID pain relievers to help with the swelling. Sometimes you are prescribed antibiotics to limit the chances of postoperative infection. 

You’ll probably want to take the next day off from work or school, but within a day or two you will feel back and pain will be limited. Within a few weeks, the procedure site will be completely healed. 

Dental implants are a great option to provide stability for a crown or dentures. Call Vallejo Oral Surgery to schedule a consultation or book your appointment online today.


What are dental implants made of?

Dental implants are made of three separate components. The screw that fixes into your jaw bone is made of titanium. It has been discovered that titanium has properties that make it possible for bone to fuse with it in a process called osseointegration. The visible part of the dental implant is usually made of porcelain or another tooth-colored material. 

Dental implants are a great option to provide stability for a crown or dentures. Call Vallejo Oral Surgery to schedule a consultation or book your appointment online today.

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