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If you’ve lost jawbone density due to gum disease, osteoporosis, or cancer treatments, a bone grafting procedure can return your jawbone to its previously strong form. The skilled team at Vallejo Oral Surgery offers bone grafting procedures from the comfort of their Vallejo, California, office. Call today or easily schedule your appointment online by using the website’s booking tool.

Why do I need bone grafting?

At Vallejo Oral Surgery the team suggests bone grafting procedures for a few reasons. Strong and sturdy jawbones not only reduce the risk of fracture but also keep the shape of your face. When your jawbone loses its density it gives your face a sunken-in appearance. Here are some reasons a bone graft could benefit you:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • Before dental implants
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone loss from cancer treatments
  • Smooth your jaw after an extraction

It is possible to get your bone density back with jawbone grafting at Vallejo Oral Surgery. 

What happens during a bone grafting procedure?

Bone grafting is a relatively simple procedure performed that the Vallejo OralBone graft procedure Vallejo, CA Surgery offices. First, your surgeon needs to expose your jawbone by cutting into your gums. If you are coupling your bone grafting procedure with a tooth extraction the bone will be visible so no cuts will need to be made. Don’t worry you will be given local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. Ask about relaxing sedation options, too. 

Once the bone is visible, your surgeon inserts the grafting material. Bone grafting material comes from multiple sources, including: 

  • Bone source from your body (i.e. your hip)
  • Human donor
  • Synthetic bone material
  • Bone sourced from an animal source

After the grafting material is in place, your surgeon will place a protective membrane over the site, then stitch up your gums around it. 

Why do I need bone grafting before my dental implant procedure? 

Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement option utilizing a titanium rod inserted into your jaw to act as artificial teeth roots. Implants act as stable supports for dental prosthetics.

The problem occurs when you don’t have enough jawbone density to support the implant. But with a bone grafting procedure, your jawbone can return to its old strength and density. 

Call Vallejo Oral Surgery to discuss with a provider whether a bone graft is the right first step for your dental implant journey.





After a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms over the extraction site. If this becomes dislodged then you could develop a condition called dry socket. The nerve endings in the socket become exposed and can cause great pain. A bone graft will help prevent dry socket because a piece of bone will be placed in the socket, covering the sensitive nerve endings.


It is very common to experience bone loss after an extraction. Studies have shown that the alveolar ridge, the part of the jaw under the gum line, can reduce both in height and width after a tooth extraction. When the tooth was in the socket, the force exerted through the tooth and the roots whilst chewing, transferred onto the jaw bone, and stimulated new bone growth. Now with a missing tooth, there is no stimulation to promote bone growth and the alveolar ridge begins to reduce in size. If your surgeon performs a bone graft, you are less likely to see bone loss. This is important as your jaw needs to continue being strong to support the other teeth and keep them in place. A strong jaw bone also provides a good foundation for dental implants if in the future you decide to have them. 


It is a known necessity to have a strong jaw bone to support dental implants but what if you are deciding only to use dentures? Is it really necessary to have a bone graft for dentures? Consider the benefits of a bone graft for dentures. Your jaw bone will be stronger. This will provide a strong foundation for your dentures. It will also create a smooth surface on your jaw for the dentures to fit on to. This will provide a secure fit, with less sliding whilst you chew. Of course, the best options for secure teeth replacement are dental implants or hybrid implants. The surgeons at Vallejo Oral Surgery would be happy to help you replace any missing teeth.

Call Vallejo Oral Surgery to discuss with a provider whether a bone graft is the right first step for your dental implant journey.

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