Get to Know the Most Common Oral Diseases

Believe it or not, oral diseases are a lot more commonplace than you may have been led to believe.

According to the American Dental Association, more than 50% of all Americans have at least some form or degree of gum disease (periodontitis). On top of that, there are slightly more than 37,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer each and every single year – and this rate continues to get higher and higher annually.

To better protect your health and well-being it’s important to focus on the inside information shared below. Learn more about the most common oral diseases as well as the signs and symptoms of these conditions to get out in front of these issues before they become medical emergencies.

Touching on Some of the Most Common Oral Diseases


Oral cancer is not exactly the most common condition or disease you might have to contend with, but most dental professionals consider it to be the most dangerous.

Each and every single year, just over 8000 people die from oral cancer. It also has a five-year fatality rate that sits at 59%. Early detection is everything with oral cancer (like every other cancer), which is why you’ll want to bring this up with your Vallejo Oral Surgery professionals if you are concerned.


On the flip side of things, oral herpes just might be the most common oral disease you may ever have to worry about contending with.

Dental experts believe that more than 50% of all Americans have herpes already. Cold sores are the “friendly term” for herpes simplex virus type I, a contagious and easily spread issue that isn’t going to threaten your health or well-being at all.


Oral infections are pretty commonplace, especially when you consider the fact that almost the entirety of your mouth is made up of soft tissues that exist inside of a warm, moist environment with plenty of food and fuel for bacteria and viral infections to feed off of.

Most oral infections can be considered contagious though getting them under control is usually pretty simple and straightforward.

Gum Disease

Gum disease – sometimes referred to as periodontal disease as well as periodontitis – is one of the more widespread oral health conditions you might have to contend with. When bacteria in your mouth are allowed to multiply and take hold between your teeth and gums inflammation occurs, and pretty soon you start to see gum recession as well as adult tooth loss and bone loss throughout your jaw.

Here’s What to Do If You Show Signs of Oral Disease

At the end of the day, if you are exhibiting any signs of oral disease whatsoever – or just notice something strange that doesn’t feel quite right – you want to reach out to our Vallejo Oral Surgery experts at your earliest opportunity.

We’ll make sure to fit you in for an appointment ASAP, and our dental experts will give you a thorough examination to better understand exactly what you are up against. Should something be discovered, it’s possible to move forward with biopsy referrals or other “next steps” to help you get out in front of these issues before they become major emergencies.

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