We are closely monitoring and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure we are doing our part to keep our patients and our staff safe.

Here are some of the procedures we’ve implemented so that you feel safe when you visit our offices:

  • Spray and wipe down all “high-touch” areas with additional disinfectant/sanitizer at scheduled hourly intervals
  • Hand sanitizer available for your use
  • We have instituted daily deep cleanings
  • Staff trained on prevention and care measures, and to recognize symptoms and act on them properly
  • We will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness remain our top priorities throughout every facet of our office including disinfecting between each patient

In addition to the above, we remain available to answer any specific questions you may have.
If you need to reschedule, we can reschedule for the next available appointment. Please feel free to contact us or call us: (707)552-5644

State-of-the-art oral surgery and dental implants

Located in the heart of Vallejo, California, Vallejo Oral Surgery provides unmatched oral and maxillofacial services to patients in the San Francisco Bay area. Whether you need dental implants, full teeth extractions, suffer from oral pathology or need solutions for impacted wisdom teeth, the team of surgeons offers the help and relief you are looking for.

This location also offers emergency services in cases of facial trauma or broken bones in the facial area. To book an appointment today or to schedule an emergency service, call the office or book an appointment online.

our mission

To work with the best surgeons in the field with extensive and diverse experiences.


To ensure the utmost patient satisfaction by treating you like family.


To utilize the most current and up to date dental technology to make your procedures and recovery as comfortable as possible.

Insurance and Billing

A number of insurance plans are accepted Vallejo Oral Surgery including Delta Care HMO. Most major PPO’s such as: Delta Dental, Guardian, United Health Care, Met Life and more. For those without insurance, we offer CareCredit with affordable interest rates. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover all of your services and procedure the office conveniently accepts all major credit card providers. Call the office to speak with a team member if you have any questions regarding insurance or payments.


Our expert surgeons offer a comprehensive range of oral surgeries, including wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, oral pathology, and procedures to repair facial trauma.

If you find suspicious tissue in your mouth, on the inside of your cheeks, or on your lips or tongue, don’t hesitate to come in for examination and biopsy. A biopsy can catch oral pathology such as cancer so you can start treatment before it becomes a serious issue.

Hybrid Dentures
If you are looking for dentures that don’t slip around in your mouth or cause you to slur your words, consider hybrid dentures. This style of denture is securely attached to dental implants to provide a sturdy and worry-free foundation.

Full Mouth Extractions
There are times when gum disease or severe decay has caused too many problems in your mouth. In cases like these, it is often best to opt for full mouth extractions. Once your decayed teeth are removed, you can move forward with a prosthetic replacement such as dentures.

Expose Teeth
Sometimes a molar or a canine tooth has no room to grow in and becomes impacted in the bone socket. This can lead to a variety of dental issues such as TMJ, infection, and severe pain. A teeth exposure procedure allows your surgeon to uncover the impacted tooth and either remove it or begin the process of orthodontic care.
Bone Grafting
If you're interested in dental implants or hybrid dentures, but your jawbone doesn’t have enough density to hold them in place. Don’t worry, the team offers simple bone grafting procedures to return your jawbone to full strength.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars, often don’t have enough room to fully emerge. And when they do emerge they can push your other teeth out of alignment. Often times, it’s best to have them removed to avoid serious dental complications.
Dental Implants
If you are one of the millions of Americans missing a tooth, you have options for replacement. Consider dental implants. These sturdy artificial tooth roots serve as a permanent base or dental crowns or even dentures.


Our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons has completed extensive training including dental school, medical programs, and surgical residencies. They have many years of experience in delivering outstanding patient care.

Dr. Iriving
Irving Riley, DDS, MPH

Irving Riley, DDS, MPH, is an expert in a diverse range of dental surgery procedures including dental implants, oral pathology, biopsies, bone grafts, and much more. He has over 40 years of oral and maxillofacial surgery experience and now serves the city of Vallejo, California, and nearby San Francisco Bay area at Vallejo Oral Surgery.

Mahr Elder DDS, MD

An expert in implantology, jaw trauma, full mouth extractions, oral pathology, and more, Mahr Elder, DDS, MD, is an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon serving the San Francisco Bay area at Vallejo Oral Surgery located in Vallejo, California. Valuing the local community, Dr. Elder provides free orthodontic evaluations and care to children living in nearby Marin County.

Michael K.

Exceptional experience. Had a wisdom teeth extraction and they were there for me the whole way.

Juliana R.

I am very pleased with their service and I highly recommend this place. I got 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled here and the entire experience was a lot better than i expected. The doctor did an amazing job. I just finished my follow up visit and everything is healing properly. Everyone including the receptionists are very friendly. I am very sensitive to pain so for an experience considerd as scary for many it was surprisingly not bad at all.

Liu L.

Incredibly professional office. Staff was so kind n reassuring. Dr. Elder was super nice and funny. Really needed that, I’m really nervous around dentists but he put me at ease right off the bat. Don’t want another impacted wisdom tooth, but if so I will only go to him.

need help?

Vallejo Oral Surgery is located at 150 Admiral Callaghan Lane Suite A in Vallejo, California. Conveniently located right off Interstate 80, this location provides easy access to residents throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area. 

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